Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schooner DOLPHIN Auction November 18th

Schooner DOLPHIN to be auctioned in New Haven, CT.
Schooner Dolphin will be sold at Auction on Thur Nov 18 at 10:30 am at the Federal Court, 141 Church St.New Haven, CT. The opening minimum bid will be $10,000 with a cash deposit to bid of just $1000 or 10% of the amount bid. When complete, the winning bidder will own the boat including her masts, sails, rigging and all equipment free and clear of all liens. The 90 foot, 100 ton, 1943 steel and wood staysail rigged schooner “Dolphin” has been completely rebuilt over the past 8 years. Structurally, the keel, stem, horn, frames, planks, decks and entire hull are better than new. She is almost ready to launch and sail for another 60+ years accommodating 15-25 people in seven staterooms with seven heads and three saloons.
You may view photos of the boat’s present condition at http://picasaweb.google.com/schoonerdolphin/RefitPhotos2009?feat=embedwebsite# See the website for full history, plans and refit photos at http://www.schoonerdolphin.com/index.htm

Unfortunately after investing $1.4 million in restoring the boat, the owners have run out of money and are unable to finish and launch her. The boat will be sold at auction to the highest bidder on Nov. 18.
Of course the boat is not finished and ready to go sailing, a lot more work needs to be done, but she could be
launched for under $50,000, be ready to motor and sail under her own power for perhaps $100,000, and if done economically offshore, the interior accommodations could be finished for a very reasonable amount. The new owner will end up with a million dollar large sailing ship for a fraction of the cost.

Schooner DOLPHIN refit plan.

Here are websites for two of her identical hull sister ships where you can see what she might look like when done and provide examples of the type of work and missions she could do. Dolphin would be an ideal platform for educational, marine conservation, zero carbon sail transport, adventure travel or luxury charter sailing voyages http://www.svtreshombres.com / http://www.svtreshombres.com/%20
 http://www.pacifique.ch / http://www.antinea-foundation.org /

In case you know of any organization or individual who might have an interest in her, please let them know. If you know of any individual, group, foundation, angel or investor who might be interested in saving this big beautiful sailing ship, please email sequoia@schoonerdolphin.com or call me on 1-203-246-1369 for more information.

This article was reprinted from the American Schooner Association website at.

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